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Pervocelinnikov Square (Kostanay, Kazakhstan) by Andrew Bodrov.


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Gavin Farrell
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Gavin D Farrell

phone: 310-490-5266

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Panoramas, objects, print, interactive, photography, CGI, graphic design, web design, Precision 360, Photosynth, Seadragon, AutoPano, PTGUI, projections, Gigapixel, Flash Animation

Gavin's endeavors focus on the evolution of large-scale hyperrealistic photography. In 2008 as a honoree member of Visual Effects company Xrez, he was a integral team member in the creation of the largest panorama of Yosemite Valley ever taken, a 45 giga-pixel image. The Seattle Symphony Orchestra played to his panoramic projections for: "An American Symphony", inside Seattle’s Benayora Hall in 2009 . His work can be found in private collections throughout the country. Several public installations are available for viewing from the giant wall mounted Gigapixel print inside the Hotel MAYA, in Long Beach, California, to the newly installed Interpretive signs installed throughout the Mount ST Helen's National Monument in Washington State. Gavin has also been pushing the evolution of interactive Gigapixel Panoramic Photography and will be making some exciting announcements regarding his work in Tibet in 2014. He humbly hopes that his images, along with other photographers, help exposes people to the wondrous diversity of our planet and inspire them in it's preservation.