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Church of Saint Luke, Genoa, Italy by Hans von Weissenfluh.

thomas bredenfeld

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Thomas Bredenfeld
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Involvement in the VR industry
photographer, artist, media producer, programmer, author, trainer, lecturer
Specialities in the VR field
panoramas, hdr, high resolution photos, interface and interaction development, books, video trainings, workshops, lectures

Besides professional production of panoramas for print and interactive display I'm focused on education and transfering knowledge in the field of panoramic photography and surrounding topics like photoshop, lightroom, hdr, panoramic hardware and more.

I'm familiar with all aspects of panoramic photography, from nearly all kinds of hardware to the complete production workflow up to programming the interfaces for immersive imaging applications on the web.


After several german book titles about photoshop (cs2 (, cs3 ( and cs4 ( I wrote a comprehensive book covering the complete field of panoramic photography ( In a short time after its release in 2009 it quickly turned out as the definitive book on this topic in the 3 german speaking countries (DE, AT, CH).
In autumn 2012 this book got its nearly completely updated sucessor "Digitale Fotopraxis Panoramafotografie" ( with even more pages and additional video tutorials on the book dvd.

On the video training sector I produced a DVD 18 hours of live videos and screencasts covering every aspect of digital panorama production ( It stands in row with about 20 titles of video trainings I made since 2004 on various topics of media production and media software.

I did a lot of trainings, workshops and lectures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on promotion tours of companies like Adobe, Canon or Wacom and on conferences or trade fairs like PanoTools Meeting, Photokina and Photoshop Convention.

As a professor I'm teaching media software and production at an austrian university of applied sciences.

Originally I studied electronics and painting in Germany and Austria. I had more than 50 Art exhibitions in DE, AT, CH, IT and USA, from the 1980ies up to now with paintings and in the last 6 years with fine art photography too. Feel free to visit my galleries website ( I also did some big painted artworks in architectural contexts (church (, school, house, museum) and two large scale photographic art pieces in an austrian memorial site ( and in a meeting room ( of a local headquarter of the austrian mountain rescue organisation.

Besides the few examples shown here on the IVRPA website my panoramas and virtual tours are shown on my panorama website ( and on ( My alpine landscapes can be found on and on

Feel free to visit my website ( to learn further details or subscribe to my blog at

Thomas Bredenfeld