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Sauna in the old Stadtbad Neukölln, Berlin by JanTo.

Jan van der Woning

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Jan van der Woning
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Studio Jan van der Woning
in de Houtzaagmolen 67
1115 GG
Noord Holland

phone: +31 20 6977150
fax: +31 84 749 4860

Personal information

Involvement in the VR industry
Photographer, multi-media producer, Panorama Artist, educator, Panorama Fine Art Photography, Panorama workshops, speaker
Specialities in the VR field
Panoramas, Object Movies, virtual tours, extreme high resolution panorama, interactive photography, Immersive imaging, Landscape and fine art panorama photography, large format prints, VR photography teacher, stock, 360 degrees panoramic photography, fullscreen VR, architecture, landscape, cityscape, workshops, 396 degrees panorama, large size prints

Photography is in my blood and I discovered that when I made my first picture at age sixteen. I became a professional at the age of 25 when I got my grade for photography from the Dutch "Fotovakschool". I also studied at Hans Goetze, now the Academy for Photography. Most of my work was commercial and in 1999 I started to make 396 degrees panoramic images and my work shifted more to editorial and interactive photography for websites and CD-Roms and DVDs. My art photos are bought in medium and large sizes and I sell them through exhibitions in museums, at art markets and in galleries.

I am an experienced traveller, also to remote areas, I speak 3 languages fluently and 3 fairly well so communication during travel is not a problem. I travelled through many countries in Europe, North, West and Central Africa and the United States including Alaska. I also visited Middle and South America and Borneo, Indonesia for WWF and Greenpeace to make panoramas of illegal logging and in Uganda of reforestation. Highlight was an expedition to the Antarctic as part of an art project. Recently I was send to Mali for a Dutch NGO to help a photolab there and to improve their quality.

I like to shoot landscapes, cityscapes and people. The nicest moment of the day is sunset or rise and the twilight zone during the short period when the light is growing or fading. A lot of my pictures are taken in this short but beautiful period. On the Antarctic and in Alaska the sun sets lasted for hours so this was a real "Eldorado".