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Liquid Sunshine! French Bay, Manukau Harbour, Aotearoa-New Zealand by michael bajko.

Richard Broo

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Richard Broo
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Wemersive ltd.

phone: +31610790417

Personal information

Involvement in the VR industry
Founder & CEO for Wemersive ltd. Managing software creation for 360 panoramic video and photography solutions.
Specialities in the VR field
360 video, mobile apps, web design, mobile design, interactive, immersive technologies, augmented reality, 3D, pano photography, marketing, research & development

My career started in the music recording industry at 17. I spent a decade in the entertainment industry before moving into mobile apps. While working at a mobile marketing company I was exposed to early 360 photo & video mobile technology. I was put in place as the spokes person for the technology.

I was invited to the IVRPA 2012 conference in NYC as a speaker around the time my business partner and I decided to leave the agency where we worked and announced at the IVRPA conference our founding of Wemersive. Since then we have been active in building new 360 photo, video technology solutions.

This past summer I joined the BOD at the IVRPA with the mission to help move the organisation forward to the forefront for those seeking to engage in the 360 photography and video community. I believe that the IVRPA is the best organisation to voice the panoramic photography & video community to a larger audience.