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Diavolezza (Engadin, Grisons, Switzerland) by thomas bredenfeld.

Joergen Geerds

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Joergen Geerds
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Freedom360 LLC, Joergen Geerds

phone: +1.646.479.0977

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Specialities in the VR field
360 Video, Architectural photography, VR, and large scale printed panorama murals

Joergen Geerds is the founder and inventor of Freedom360, the first fully spherical panoramic video system. He has also build up an impressive portfolio as a successful artist and commercial photographer, specializing in architectural panorama photography, including 360 VR photography and gigapixel photography. As an artist, he is represented by 532 Gallery, located in Chelsea, the center of the New York art world, exhibiting his grand-scale city night panoramas photographs, which offer a dialog on how we see and perceive the environment we live in, making the unfamiliar familiar and the familiar unfamiliar, and offering a much wider view of the world. By choosing New York City at night as his subject, he shows the ever changing city in ways that haven’t been seen before. Apart from his artistic and commercial photography, he is deeply involved in the worldwide panorama community, contributing to the development of panoramic photo equipment and software, and setting the trend for new aesthetics in panoramic photography. All this has brought him deep knowledge about the subject, and made him a popular speaker for international conferences.
His fine art work can be found at and his commercial photography can be found at