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Mel Ramos-Exhibition in "Kunsthalle", Tübingen, Germany by Ulrich Metz.


Conference09 and... CuTy

It's been a bit silent, but that does not mean nothing has been going on ;-)

Yesterday, Matthias announced the website for panoramas and still images shot at the IAPP/IVRPA Alburquerque Balloon Fiesta. In the next few days, that site should be filling up with some nice panoramas shot by the IVRPA members attending the fiesta. It looks like a great event for VR panoramas.

Personal website

I just wanted to mention that I have been putting up various full-screen panoramas I have taken at my current personal website, which will be valid for about 5 years (paid in advance):

Nisus QTVR CDR: "Kyoto Gardens"

I began using Nisus Writer 6.5 perhaps with Mac OS 8. An English teacher, I am constantly writing activities, articles, and handouts, for which I rely on Nisus Writer Pro. Though a software house, Nisus also sells a CD, Kyoto Gardens. Here's the product blurb:

Kyoto Gardens: A Virtual Stroll Through Zen Landscapes utilizes Apple Computer's QuickTime VR technology to "walk through" 24 of Kyoto's most renowned gardens.

Updates from Iceland

I returned from Iceland 3 weeks ago. Not many QTVRs shot there, but a flurry of panoramas of lesser width than 360 degrees. The stories are all here: (click on QTVR & Zoomify)

It looks like everyone had a terrific trip to Yosemite after the IVRPA Conference. I wish I could have gone too.

Cheers, Rusty

Pano2Movie - new beta released

The crash-on-launch problems appear to be fixed. Please let me know if you find any bugs, as this may be the release candidate...

Please send feedback via the beta testing list at or directly to me.


QTVR2MOV becomes Pano2Movie - public beta

It's been a long time coming, but a totally revised version of QTVR2MOV is on the way, with advanced controls for QTVR-to-video conversions...

Name Change:
QTVR2MOV is now known as Pano2Movie, which is a bit more pronounceable. ;-)

The Good News (New Features):
- Recordable paths which can be saved and/or applied to other panoramas.
- Keyframe editing of paths in timeline.
- Built-in conversion to any QuickTime codec on both Windows and OS X, with the ability to save presets.
- Off-screen rendering, so that you can carry on using other applications while it renders.

Client work in the "almost live" category... whew!

A while back, I posted about a job down in Los Angeles... After 9 months or so, it looks like the photography/virtual tour is about to go live... Almost! :-)

spinControl:VR update (NEW controller choices, no more QT 7.1.3 worries!)

OK, so by popular demand spinControl:VR now has 3 flavors to choose from!

* Linguist (dynamic color, fade-in text, 9 languages; uses Flash internally)
* Harmony (simple black-and-white delivery, plays nicely with with QT 7.1.3)
* DIY (like Harmony, but colors are custom)

Read all about it at the spinControl:VR site..., where there are free downloads and example HTML/JavaScript files too!


spinControl:VR update (NEW easier to use Javascript embedding workaround)

There are many new things in the works for spinControl:VR and spinControl:Linguist, some of which I'll outline below, but first and foremost...

Microsoft/ActiveX workarounds
If you aren't using a Javascript embedding technique for your QTVR and QuickTime media, you should be.

Alternate viewers on

Not many will have noticed, but there is support for alternate viewers on the photokina site.

Support for DevalVR has been there during the last days of 'kina, but due to time limitations I added SPi-V support only yesterday. I also meant to add PTViewer as an option, but at this time that has not yet been enabled due to the infamous memory limitations; PTViewer just won't load the 5000x2500 pixel equirectangulars.