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In-Joy fashion parade by Alain Hamblenne.


1,300 Students and Faculty in creating a Gigapan, Gigatag and 360 Panoramic Tour

Alfred, NY - Our challenge for the Alfred Project this year was during new student orientation. We needed to create an interactive presentation of the new students during orientation with the ability to link the story back to the social media networks for presentation.

We decided to create panos of the commencement in the Gym as well as multiple 360 Interactive Panoramas allowing student to see all around the event. And then a Gigapan of the students and use Gigatag to allow Facebook tagging.

What a great time and I hope you all enjoy the 360 world that we live in!

Fête des Lumières Lyon 2009

Some photos of the lighting party in Lyon, France 2009

CES Intel demo with Everyscape Beijing panoramas

This is a hand held video of the Intel keynote speech at CES,
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The demo includes
panoramas of the Intel offices in Beijing produced by Everyscape;
the panoramas are used to help a traveler negotiate an unknown urban
landscape to find a destination.

More power, and more panoramas, please.

VR 101 in Berkeley again! September 15...

Hi everyone!

September 15, 2007 inaugurates the first "VR 101" class to be given at Looking Glass Photo in Berkeley!

Landis Bennett and myself will be taking 6-8 people and showing them the ropes; From choosing a location, to setting up, to shooting, and on to post-production, we'll (hopefully! :-P) be providing a good basis for people to take their own point-and-shoots or DSLRs into the field for some of that crazy panoramic fun...

Client work in the "almost live" category... whew!

A while back, I posted about a job down in Los Angeles... After 9 months or so, it looks like the photography/virtual tour is about to go live... Almost! :-)

Scene in Santa Fe LLC Licenses Panoramic Photographs

Santa Fe, NM, USA — Scene in Santa Fe LLC is glad to announce insurer FM Global has licensed five high resolution panoramic photographs of Santa Fe, New Mexico for use during a large conference they are hosting this spring at one of Santa Fe's many fine resorts.

The panoramas will be displayed in various formats on a 40 foot, high definition video screen.

January meeting in Berkeley a success, in spite of the iPhone announcement...

...Of course, if anyone had actually _had_ an iPhone, things might have been different. ;-)

Thanks to all who came to Berkeley for our most recent meeting -- we had quite a turnout! I wasn't doing a head count, but there were upwards of 20 (30?) people at CheathamLane's digs. Next time, I'll make sure to find a reputable pizza delivery...

QuickTime 7.1.3, Flash content, and you (2)

This is an update to my earlier post regarding the sudden decision by Apple to disable by default any Flash content/tracks embedded in a QuickTime movie.

It turns out that Apple's decision is because of "critical vulnerabilities" identified in Flash Player versions and earlier

QuickTime 7.1.3, Flash content, and you

QuickTime 7.1.3 by default will disable any Flash media embedded in a QuickTime movie. spinControl:VR is an interactive QT movie, and relies heavily on embedded Flash media. So, it appears broken when viewed using the latest QT update. Apple has blindsided potentially thousands of content developers out there who might use Flash media inside their QT movies.

October 5, 2006 meeting of Bay Area Panographers

The date for the next California Bay Area get-together is Thursday, October 5 2006 at 7 PM. John Greenleigh has again offered to host the meeting at Flipside Studios in Berkeley . Thanks in advance John! (directions)

Presentations in October will include:
* Kevin O'Connor is one of the country's leading experts on digital workflow and color-management, and will let us know some of the best ways to make color behave. His talk will be excellent for both film and digital shooters.