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Sauna in the old Stadtbad Neukölln, Berlin by JanTo.


Dog food and panoramas (new Flash panorama viewer!)

OK, so it's not _quite_ new, but it might as well be. :-)

PanoSalado has been through many revisions, and is now world-class (if not bullet proof ;) ).

What is it? The only open source Flash panorama player on the, er, market. "Open source" is often times a synonym for "free", no?. :)

Panosalado is being 'dogfooded' by myself, over at (links below), and should be visible in a couple of my client projects sometime soon (cool!).

PanoSalado, the open-source Panorama Viewer (Flash + PV3D)

Hi there:

Just a quick note to say that our open source pano viewer from has gotten its own blog -- this will make it much easier to update and keep folks updated about.

It's still living at, just with its own niche in the site.

Lots of changes afoot in the viewer recently, and astute readers will notice an increasing dependence on XML. We're trying to keep it friendly to both Flex and Flash developers, and to the novice coder and experienced alike. In any case, enjoy!


Blog at:

Open Source Flash Panorama Viewer based on Papervision 3D

Papervision 3D is an open source 3D engine for the Flash platform; it's "written and maintained by a small core team, and contributed to by its ever-growing community".

iPhone stitch of the Seattle skyline

Hey there:

Still having fun with the old "first generation" iPhone. :-)

I was up in Seattle for a couple days for a shoot, and took a few minutes on a walk from location to hotel to snap a dozen or so overlapping shots with my iPhone. Results aren't too bad -- considering the camera, and that I was keeping in motion to keep warm. ;)

I suppose I could have made the extra effort to go all the way around -- but here's a partial panorama for you. :-)

Ambient sound mixer and Video transition player plugins for use with Flash Panorama Player

Folks using Flash Panorama Player ("FPP") may be interested in the following two free plugins posted to

Rick Workman created the plugins for his own work and has offered them to the community at large.

1) The video player plugin plays linear media files (.flv and .swf) under XML control in FPP. Its main use is for playing transition movies between pans.

Fine art Flash Web site

Thought I'd share this one with everyone -- there are some final Ts to cross and Is to dot, but the site is live. :) This is my first full-on foray into writing code solely in AS3, for those who care about such things.

This site for Hung Liu, San Francisco Bay Area based fine artist, was just about the first job of mine in 2007 that wasn't based around panoramas. Or so I thought...

More recent work in the almost live category...

I recently photographed some 360° Product Rotations (Object VR) for Bone Clones, Inc. Well, OK, the photography was done about a year ago, and the project has moved and morphed and has a life of its own. :-) Some of you may have seen an in-progress preview of the project at the IVRPA Conference in Berkeley -- it has changed since then.

The Bone Clones Rotational Series is almost live; you can view screenshots & a video demo of the project at the Bone Clones Web site.

L'Occitane en Provence

When I was in New York City a couple months ago, shooting iPhone stitches of the Empire State, I was also shooting panoramas for a client:

L'Occitane en Provence

This is the version for the USA site; the French version should be done soon, and will appear on L'Occitane's localized site.

The dropdown menu you'll see there is a modification of a plugin I created for use with Flash Panorama Player.

Online Flash Panorama Player Documentation

I've created the infrastructure over at for a comprehensive "book" of Flash Panorama Player documentation. This book will endeavor to provide "plain english" descriptions of each object, element and parameter available to FPP -- along with concrete XML and/or code examples for each entry.

We've begun the laborious task of writing the documentation:

See an example page here.

Some of this will be based from existing documentation, some is reworded/reworked, some is from experience and/or from scratch. The idea isn't to replicate existing FPP documentation, but to rework and expand it.

Anyone who wishes to help out is encouraged to contact me! Whether you contribute one entry or several, you will be hugely helping to create an online resource which is available to all, in an easy-to-search (and update) format.

Plugins for Flash Panorama Player now available at FlashPanos

I've created a central repository for plugins, tutorials & other knowledge about Flash Panorama Player, since the forum-style structure of the user contributed knowledge at FPP's forum is a little sketchy when you're looking for something in particular, and not really an efficient way to offer updates and support for plugins you've made.

Read more about it at . Enjoy!