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Room with view in La Florentine Hotel, Corsica, France by michaelkolchesky.


Info for folks using Flash to deliver panoramas; also, new blog (aka "photo dump")

Hey there:

In an effort to localize information regarding the current crop of Flash based panorama players, and since some of the developers don't have forums (or ones that exist are clunky, spammy or broken), I have widened the focus over at

iPhone stitch of the Seattle skyline

Hey there:

Still having fun with the old "first generation" iPhone. :-)

I was up in Seattle for a couple days for a shoot, and took a few minutes on a walk from location to hotel to snap a dozen or so overlapping shots with my iPhone. Results aren't too bad -- considering the camera, and that I was keeping in motion to keep warm. ;)

I suppose I could have made the extra effort to go all the way around -- but here's a partial panorama for you. :-)

FotoMuseum Antwerp & Getty Images use online panorama as portal to interactive portrait exhibition "Face On"

From their site:

"FACE ON is an interactive online and offline exhibition exploring the future of the portrait.
There are more than 600 available spots to upload and hang your images, within the 16 categories of show."

Ambient sound mixer and Video transition player plugins for use with Flash Panorama Player

Folks using Flash Panorama Player ("FPP") may be interested in the following two free plugins posted to

Rick Workman created the plugins for his own work and has offered them to the community at large.

1) The video player plugin plays linear media files (.flv and .swf) under XML control in FPP. Its main use is for playing transition movies between pans.

Fine art Flash Web site

Thought I'd share this one with everyone -- there are some final Ts to cross and Is to dot, but the site is live. :) This is my first full-on foray into writing code solely in AS3, for those who care about such things.

This site for Hung Liu, San Francisco Bay Area based fine artist, was just about the first job of mine in 2007 that wasn't based around panoramas. Or so I thought...

Snapshots of a Gigapan rotating panhead

I don't have anything yet to publicly report about my use of the Gigapan head (I'm one of several hundred folks beta-testing it), but I've had several requests for snaps _of_ the Gigapan head. So, here you go. :-)



Online Flash Panorama Player Documentation

I've created the infrastructure over at for a comprehensive "book" of Flash Panorama Player documentation. This book will endeavor to provide "plain english" descriptions of each object, element and parameter available to FPP -- along with concrete XML and/or code examples for each entry.

We've begun the laborious task of writing the documentation:

See an example page here.

Some of this will be based from existing documentation, some is reworded/reworked, some is from experience and/or from scratch. The idea isn't to replicate existing FPP documentation, but to rework and expand it.

Anyone who wishes to help out is encouraged to contact me! Whether you contribute one entry or several, you will be hugely helping to create an online resource which is available to all, in an easy-to-search (and update) format.

Dropdown menu plugin for Flash Panorama Player (FPP)

For those using the Flash Panorama Player to deliver their VR, I recently created a plugin for FPP which hopefully makes life easier. :)

This is a Flash AS3 scripted dropdown menu, for pano-to-pano navigation within a tour. It uses the standard FPP XML syntax, so makes populating the menu with labels and links a snap!

Interested folks can read more, and download the plugin at the FPP forums. at .



iPhone stitch of the Empire State Building

Hey there:

I'm currently in NYC, getting ready to head home from a VR shoot for a NY-based client. I had a few minutes to spare, & was walking down 5th near my client's office. Lo, the Empire State building!

I took several photos with my iPhone, and tried out Photoshop CS3's Photomerge abilities. This was my first time playing with Photomerge, so I just fed it the 3 iPhone pix, and let it do its thing automatically. I think it did a fine job, especially considering the iPhone isn't known for being, uh, really sharp. :-) That, and the exposure blending and equalizing is nice.

Client work in the "almost live" category... whew!

A while back, I posted about a job down in Los Angeles... After 9 months or so, it looks like the photography/virtual tour is about to go live... Almost! :-)