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St. Blasien by carsten_t_rees.


Time for a well overdue website refresh

After paying very little attention to for quite a while, and as I had been kindly asked to contribute to the "Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography" exhibit in Palmela, I decided that it was about time to refresh my website. Shooting photos and stitching them into panoramas was one thing, but getting round to updating my website was another. My gallery contains all my work that is displayed as part of the exhibit, in both static projection and interactive form.

Bob Bilsland.

Greeting you :). A GREETster for girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen.

For VR-ladies:
For VR-guys:

With this "3-D card" you can on any occasion greet a guy or a girl, a woman or a gentleman, a grandma or a grandpa.

Make your friends happy! :)

Michael B. Skiba

Happy birthday to the site

I just noticed that I missed the sites inception anniversary by a week. I started working on this incarnation of the IVRPA site *just* over 5 years ago...

A brand new day

After about four and a quarter years of spending a sizeable chunk for my spare (and not so spare) time as a hobby, it is time for a break. I started working on the IVRPA website as a hobby, and over the past year and a half most of the fun of doing it eroded away. A recent chain of events has convinced me it is better to step down as (sole) webmaster now than to stay and become (even more) bitter. Just thought you should know...

Thanks for all the fish.

Website todo list

As I mentioned in my previous post, there's an extensive todo list for the ivrpa site ecosystem. Listed below is

remaining issues since Drupal 5 migration

  • notifications: reformat notification messages (remove "greetings [user],")
  • Googlemaps are not showing in gallery posts.
  • Search results when searching profiles don't look right.
  • Fix googlemap "overlay" (balloon) content on Find a Member page.
  • Move google map in user/me/edit to seperate page (user/me/edit/location).

This website needs help. Your help?

This december, it will have been 5 years since I created the first user for this site. Since then, there's always been a notion of a webteam. Though the webteam has from time to time been contributing to parts of the contents of the site, I don't think I am being unfair to any of the current and past webteam members if I say that I have been the sole contributor to the actual working of the site.

Website performance boost

As I mentioned in my previous post, the site was bottlenecked by having the Apache/PHP and MySQL servers on two separate machines. This is the standard setup at Dreamhost; even if you have a PS, the mysql part is hosted on a different server. So even if you don't have to share a machine with other websites hosted on Dreamhost, you're still sharing their network latency when the Apache/PHP server is communicating with the MySQL server. On a typical non-cached page, the IVRPA site makes 200-400 queries to the database.

Trouble in dreamhost paradise

Since the migration, the site has been having performance issues. While I had hoped that the site perfromed better with a newer version of Drupal, we're actually seeing worse performance.

Website migration progress

The IVRPA website is undergoing major maintenance work. We are updating our data structures in the process. Read the announcement for more information.

During the migration, the site is in a "read-only" state; you can not log in to the site to post content and/or make changes to your profile etc. The IVRPA mailinglist remain active. In this post, I will keep track of the progress of the actual migration.

Mon, 9:06AM

Yesterday's outage

I'm generally quite happy with the site here at Dreamhost. Even so, every now and then, the site(s) become(s) unresponsive and goes down. We're being told that our site was using up a lot of memory, which crashed the (private) server. After a reboot, most of the time the site works fine again.