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Omuro Cherry Garden, Ninna-ji Temple (Kyoto) by Akila Ninomiya.


Pano2Movie - new beta released

The crash-on-launch problems appear to be fixed. Please let me know if you find any bugs, as this may be the release candidate...

Please send feedback via the beta testing list at or directly to me.


An alternative to photoshop ?

if you're on a mac, think cs3 is outrageously expensive and gimp sucks, coming next is pixelmator if nothing else, it's damn sexy and built on open source !

QTVR2MOV becomes Pano2Movie - public beta

It's been a long time coming, but a totally revised version of QTVR2MOV is on the way, with advanced controls for QTVR-to-video conversions...

Name Change:
QTVR2MOV is now known as Pano2Movie, which is a bit more pronounceable. ;-)

The Good News (New Features):
- Recordable paths which can be saved and/or applied to other panoramas.
- Keyframe editing of paths in timeline.
- Built-in conversion to any QuickTime codec on both Windows and OS X, with the ability to save presets.
- Off-screen rendering, so that you can carry on using other applications while it renders.


spinControl:VR update (NEW controller choices, no more QT 7.1.3 worries!)

OK, so by popular demand spinControl:VR now has 3 flavors to choose from!

* Linguist (dynamic color, fade-in text, 9 languages; uses Flash internally)
* Harmony (simple black-and-white delivery, plays nicely with with QT 7.1.3)
* DIY (like Harmony, but colors are custom)

Read all about it at the spinControl:VR site..., where there are free downloads and example HTML/JavaScript files too!


Free Pano2QTVR HTML Template file (full screen and spinControl:VR savvy too!)

I created an HTML template for use with Pano2QTVR, in response to several recent requests. spinControl:Linguist users who also use Pano2QTVR can drop this HTML template file into Pano2QTVR's HTML folder, and then choose it when outputting QTVR & HTML from Pano2QTVR.

Read on for the download, and explanation!

spinControl:VR update (NEW easier to use Javascript embedding workaround)

There are many new things in the works for spinControl:VR and spinControl:Linguist, some of which I'll outline below, but first and foremost...

Microsoft/ActiveX workarounds
If you aren't using a Javascript embedding technique for your QTVR and QuickTime media, you should be.

An easy way to add looping Audio to your QTVR movies!

If you want to add a sound track to your QTVR movies using only QuickTime Pro, simply download these tiny (<10kb) sprite movies. Follow the directions below, and enjoy!

There are two sprite movies to choose from; One will auto-play your audio and loop it, while the other will just auto-play the audio.

QuickTime 7.1.3, Flash content, and you (2)

This is an update to my earlier post regarding the sudden decision by Apple to disable by default any Flash content/tracks embedded in a QuickTime movie.

It turns out that Apple's decision is because of "critical vulnerabilities" identified in Flash Player versions and earlier

QuickTime 7.1.3, Flash content, and you

QuickTime 7.1.3 by default will disable any Flash media embedded in a QuickTime movie. spinControl:VR is an interactive QT movie, and relies heavily on embedded Flash media. So, it appears broken when viewed using the latest QT update. Apple has blindsided potentially thousands of content developers out there who might use Flash media inside their QT movies.