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valens aquaduct by Mehmet Ozcan.


Pano2VR 4.0 beta released

We are happy to announce the release of the first beta for Pano2VR 4.0 as it was shown at the NYC 2012 conference.
From now on, we will have the regular Pano2VR and a new Pano2VR pro license. The major additions for the pro license are a built-in tour builder to manage a whole tour within one project and it will also include the former "unbranded option" of version 3.x.

Here is list of all the major new features:

  • Tour Builder (pro only)
  • Media editor for pinned (distorted) videos and images (Flash & HTML5)
  • Polygon hotspots (Flash & HTML5)
  • HTML5 fullscreen support
  • HTML5 support for Internet Explorer 10
  • Geotagging
  • Pinned Hotspots (Flash & HTML5)

Pano2Movie 2.1 beta available for testing

There is now a beta for Pano2Movie 2.1 available, with full bezier curve path editing.

  • New path editing based on bezier curves.
  • Timeline now works more like a video editor, with a draggable scrubber.
  • Use the Space bar to register keyframes when recording.
  • Use the Space bar to play/pause playback when editing, and the Home key to jump back to the beginning of the timeline.
  • Bezier points can be smooth curves or sharp corners.
  • Pano2Movie bezier curve preview

    Pano2Movie 2.1 Preview

    This isn't really an alpha or a beta release, more a preview of what is on the way. Opening and saving of projects is not yet done, and neither is exporting of movies. However, the new curve-based timeline is nearly complete.

    The keyframing in Pano2Movie has been rewritten to use bezier curves instead of the thumbnail system used in version 2.0. (4MB) (3MB)

    pownce invites

    as the title and tags read: beta, invites, network: shoot me an email


    None the less beta

    This morning, the site was offline for a couple of minutes for a security update of Drupal. I took the opportunity to make the final changes to the site to drop beta from the URL. Old urls work transparently, and are redirected to the new style of urls on Search engine should also pick up on this change in the next few days. If you were linking to before, please change your links to, or if you really want

    Note that even though our URL no longer says 'beta', in the true spirit of Web 2.0, the site still has beta status ;-).

    Spam on

    You know your site is getting attention when...
    someone takes the trouble to break through your CAPTCHA and post numerous spam comments throughout your site.

    I have strengthened the anti-spam meassures of the site, and hope this sort of thing will not happen too often. But ofcourse spam is here to stay in this day and age, so if you spot spam that has gotten through, let me know!

    PS: as some of you may have read in the forums, we're getting ready to drop the 'beta' from the url!

    user/me/edit and re:comment titles

    I have blogged about sharing back to the Drupal project before, but previously my contributions were merely small 'patches' to current projects and modules. This time around, I have created two modules that I will maintain on myself.

    Galleries look slightly better

    I have fixed a long standing 'irritation' with the member galleries; the thumbnails would not flow nicely depending on the relative heights of thumbnails/descriptions in each row of the gallery.

    For a long time, I have been trying to fix this with pure CSS, but it seems it's just not possible to have a liquid floated div 'table'. Instead I am now using a bit of onubtrusive javascript to fix the layout, see my other blog for details.

    Updated Drupal

    I have just finished updating Drupal to revision 4.7.4. It's a security update, and the update went smoothly. Nevertheless, if you're seeing something weird (that was not weird before), do not hessitate to let me know.