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valens aquaduct by Mehmet Ozcan.

World Wide Panorama project

Virtual reality photography (QTVR and similar) has been around for about nine years now. Collectively we have published tens of thousands of wonderful images on web sites. Yet we are constantly meeting people who have never seen a VR panorama before. They are always impressed with what we show them, often wildly enthusiastic.

So we need to get the word out - this is important work! Immersive imagery is virtual travel, real geography, genuine art, and great entertainment. It is a glimpse into other people's lives, a look around in places we have never been and may never go. It can be unique personal views of the world or dispassionate photojournalism. It deserves to be seen by more people.

Back at the time of the original Wrinkle the VR photography world was smaller. We almost all used the same computer (Mac), software (from Apple), and communicated through the same list ( Now the community is fragmented into many specialties and technical varieties: pros and hobbyists and newbies, commercial and educational, PanoTools and Stitcher and QTVRAS (and many others). It has been nice to get together again, just for the love of creating striking and meaningful VR images.

The World Wide Panorama website is a very democratic statement - anyone who wanted to participate and managed to generate a useable panorama was included. This was part of the vitality and human interest of the early Wrinkle in Time projects. Many of the leading professional VR photographers also participated in the World Wide Panorama, contributing images of consumate craft and artistry.

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