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Insuide Hamata Island - Red Sea, Egypt by Pietro Madaschi.

Welcome our new board member

Dear members,

please welcome our new board member Gavin Farrell.
Ignacio Ferrado Margeli has won a long term project that needs 100% of his time and attention and thus decided it will serve the IVRPA better if he resigns from the board to make place for new power.

Thank you very much Ignacio for donating your work to the community, it was a always a great pleasure to have you with us.

As by our rules and bylaws the member with the most votes from the last election will step into the board, and Gavin Farrell has accepted his assignment.

Thank you Gavin, for volunteering and taking the responsibility to serve on the board of the IVRPA.

On behalf of the Board of Directors
Jürgen Schrader, President