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Fung Yu appointed to the IVRPA Board of Directors

This week, we received this message from Joergen Geerds.

Resigning from the IVRPA Board of Directors

I would like to take this opportunity to announce my resignation from the BoD. Everybody who is following me and knows me is aware that my new company, Freedom360 (formerly 360Rig), is growing and requires a lot of attention and energy to make it a success and bring my original product to the larger world-wide market. This unfortunately means that I can't devote as much time and energy to the IVRPA BoD as the IVRPA deserves, time and energy the BoD needs in preparation for the Iceland conference and other activities. I feel strongly that resigning from the BoD, and making room for a successor who can continue on the path of expanding the reach of the IVRPA towards Asia as well as helping with the next conferences, is of great benefit for the organization and its members. Despite my resignation from the BoD I will keep supporting the IVRPA and the BoD wherever and whenever I can. I will continue to devote as much free time and energy as possible to one of the most important organizations in our field of photography. Along those lines, I am a proud sponsoring partner for the Iceland 2013 conference in Selfoss and I will also hold a workshop dedicated to 360 video.

I wanted to thank everybody who voted for me during the BoD election, and I regret that I can't fulfill my duties on the BoD. I hope no hard feelings will arise from my resignation, and I am confident my successor will work as hard as everybody else on the BoD.

Though we feel sad to see a member of the IVRPA Board of Directors resign, we fully understand his reasons and we wish him the best successes with his new company

We thank Joergen Geerds for all his dedication and volunteering work he did for the IVRPA and we're happy to see him coming to our Iceland 2013 Conference as a Partner to present his new Freedom360 video rig.

Following Jorgen Geerds resignation from the IVRPA Board of Directors, we appointed Fung Yu to replace Joergen Geerds on the BoD. Fung Yu was the next most voted candidate on the last election and as such, earned the right to be the new member of the IVRPA Board of Directors.

The IVRPA Board of Directors is currently very busy working on big projects such as the new IVRPA Website, an effort lead by Sam Rohn with the help of many others and this year Iceland 2013 Conference, an organization lead by Carlos Chegado with a lot of help from Willy Kaemena, J├╝rgen Schrader and Ayrton Camargo.

The IVRPA Board of Directors is happy to see one of the seats filled with a member from Asia, an area where we wish to develop new projects as soon as possible.

We wish Fun Yu the best success in his new role as member of the IVRPA Board of Directors.We're sure he will bring new energy and ideas that will help our community grow in Asia.

Check here the current IVRPA Board of Director Members:

On behalf of the IVRPA Board of Directors

Carlos Chegado

President > - The International VR Photography Association