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The IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest 2010 - RESULTS

The IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest – 2010 was closed on September 3rd and for our judges it was not easy to score all the entries in each of the four categories.

It all started with a surprise and it ended with a big surprise. But first things first.

We launched these four categories because these are the major ways how panoramic images are used in these days. And because we wanted the entries of each category to have equal chances to get one of our most interesting and valuable prizes, we decided that the judges would first score the entries in each category to determine which one would get the highest scores and be the winner of that category.

Amongst these four winners the judges should then decide which entry should become the Best of Show to get the first prize, the Seitz VR-Drive. The others would then get the other prizes according to their ranking.

So when we had a first sight at all the images we were surprised that there were only two entries in the Gigapixel category. After all the images were scored the judges decided that they couldn't give a prize to that category and that there would be no winner of that category. First, because amongst two entries there is no real competition and second, because the scores these entries got were far below the top rankings of the other categories. So that was surprise No. 1

And after we had summed and analyzed the scores our judges had sent in independently, we were again surprised that the winning image of the Print category and the winning image of the VR Panorama category were taken at the same location from the same subject - and by the same author.

Scott Highton, one of our judges, explained afterwards why this is well deserved:
The fact that both of these "The Wave" entries are the top choices is a reflection of the strength of the photography and the subject matter combined. The photographer chose a very unique geologic subject (in a location that is difficult to access), and then photographed it in both a visually compelling and technically competent manner. These are elements we look for when judging the quality of a panoramic image -- whether for print or VR. Basically, the photographer did a great job and is well deserving of the top position in both categories his/her subject photographs were entered in.

But our judges also found that the many, many images that were used in the virtual tour of the “Hotel du Palais” in Biarritz are of a very high standard and that in addition the authoring of the entire tour was rather very well done. And so it was exceptinally no surprise, that they rated this winner of the category Interactive Computer Graphics Featuring VR Panoramas as the best of show.

Congratulations to Maurice Rebeix, France who will be the owner of a new Seitz VR Drive! And congratulations to Ludwig Franz, Germany who will get a Nodal Ninja 5 with RD16 rotator plus a license of Kolor Autopano Pro.

Below you will find the complete list of winners and their prizes.

Interactive Computer Graphics Featuring VR Panoramas entry

  1. 360HD Virtual Reality Visit
    Prize: Seitz VR Head - Maurice Rebeix, France:
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin
    Prize: Pano Maxx - Scott Witte, US
  3. O Bosque Condominium
    Prize: Krpano - Thomas Erh, Brazil
  4. St. Mark's Square Shop Association - Square Virtual Tour
    Prize: Q-Top - Hans von Weissenfluh, Italy

Print Category

  1. The Wave
    Prize: NN5/RD 16 - Ludwig Franz, Germany
  2. Reflected Beauty
    Prize: PTGUI Pro - Chris Gin, New Zealand
  3. Western Temple inside
    Prize: Pano2VR - Fish Li, Hong Kong
  4. Muriwai Magic
    Prize: Novoflex Survival Kit - Chris Gin, New Zealand

VR category

  1. Wave
    Prize: Kolor Autopano - Ludwig Franz, Germany
  2. The Hives
    Prize: PTgui Pro - Aldo Hoeben, Netherlands
  3. Under the pier at Captain Dons
    Prize: Object2VR - Andre de Molenaar, Netherlands
  4. Benneli bike club at classic wheels meeting Barkarby 18 AUg 2009
    Prize: EZ Leveler - Jann Lipka, Sweden
    Corals and Sponges at dive site Cliff
    Prize: Scott Highton's book "Virtual Reality (VR) Photography" - Andre de Molenaar, Netherlands
    Final of Libertadores da América (America's Soccer Cup). Bi-Championship of the Sport Club Internacional.
    Prize: Scott Highton's book "Virtual Reality (VR) Photography" - Thomas Erh, Brazil

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all very much for participating.

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Re: The IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest 2010 - ...

Well, that sure is a surprise to me, specially that I almost forgot having registered to the contest. To win such an event while judged by some of my peers in the business is a very nice feeling. Not mentioning the pleasure to play soon with what seem to be quite an interesting gizmo.
So, thanks to the panel of judges and long life to the IVRPA !

Maurice Rebeix


Re: The IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest 2010 - ...

Hey Maurice!


Beautiful VR Tour!!!

Regards from Brazil,

Thomas Erh


Re: The IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest 2010 - ...

Thanks Thomas !
I like your work too...

Maurice Rebeix