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Lucca, Piazza Duomo, San Martino by Hans von Weissenfluh.

Call for Candidates for the 2011 IVRPA Board of Directors and Election Information

This year 4 seats of the IVRPA board of directors will be up for election.
Starting immediately IVRPA will begin accepting candidate statements from
IVRPA members who wish to serve on the 2011 board.

Check the members-only forum at for candidate

Nominations will be accepted from November 13th, 2010 (Saturday), until
November 30, 2010 (Tuesday) on the IVRPA members forum at

Voting for the Board will commence online December 1st, 2010 (Wednesday) and
end December 19th, 2010 24.00 UTC (Sunday). The candidates who receive the
top votes will be elected to the board.

The new board members will officially begin work on 1 January 2011 for two
years. (See explanation below)

--What Does the Board Do?

The board of directors (BOD) works primarily on the communications and
projects related to running IVRPA.

Most of the work of the BOD is done on line via email, chats, Skype Video
conference and telephone.

--Why Should I Serve on the BOD?

IVRPA is an international organization of VR professionals

The membership is made up of professionals, educators, enthusiasts and
others --- all producing great images!

If you volunteer to serve on the BOD then you will have a chance to lead
the IVRPA as we move forward to promote the work of IVRPA members and
educate the public.

The time commitment is at least a few hours a week, currently we have
weekly meetings online and it can expand significantly depending on your
level of involvement or current projects. Coming next year IVRPA will
continue to improve the website, hold a Panorama Photography conference
in Europe and we have many other projects in the pipeline.

--Two year terms

With the change of our bylaws last year we introduced alternating two year
terms to ensure the continuity of our association. Last year 3 of the elected BoD
members, with the highest votes were chosen for 2 years, the remaining 4
for 1 year. That is why there are this year 4 seats up for election.

3 of 4 current BoD members will be re-electable.

On behalf of the IVRPA board of directors 2010,

Matthias Taugwalder
IVRPA president

International VR Photography Association (IVRPA)