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Wollaton Hall Courtyard Cafe, Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, UK by 360HDTours.

Tucson 2010 Panoramic Photography Exhibition

On behalf of the IAPP and the IVRPA, organizers of The Tucson 2010 Panoramic Photography Conference, we are pleased to announce the opening of submissions to the Panoramic Exhibition to be held on the Hilton Tucson East Hotel from April 14 to 18.

The Tucson 2010 Panoramic Photography Exhibition will showcase the current state of the art in panoramic photography.
This is not a photo contest, our aim is not to choose the best photo or attribute prizes, but rather a juried exhibition with the goal of assembling an exhibition to display a comprehensive collection of the different types of panoramic imagery currently being produced.

The rules for participating are simple:

* All submissions should be made through the Tucson 2010 website using this form:
* We will only accept images captured from January 1, 2009 until March 28, 2010.
* The image needs to be exceptionally interesting artistically or technically.
* The maximum dimension of the prints we will accept is 110cm or 43 inches.
* The original photographs will have to be delivered in the Hilton Tucson East Hotel no later than April 12, 2010.
* All prints not picked up after the exhibit will become the property of Tucson2010 and retained for future exhibitions.

Please submit images following the above guidelines. Exceptions will have to be discussed with us, please e-mail any questions to

Submissions will be accepted until March 28, 2010, but due to the short notice, we encourage everyone to submit their images as soon as possible as we need to plan the exhibition well ahead of our departure to Tucson.

Please note that, if you are attending the conference and want to bring your panoramic photograph to display, you are still required to fill the form to get approval to bring the images.
This is not a bring your photo and hang it on the exhibit panels. Even conference attendees that want to showcase their images will need to use the form.

We will do our best to build up a great exhibition and for that we look forward to your image submissions.

The Tucson 2010 Panoramic Photography Exhibition coordinators:

Carlos Chegado (Director IVRPA)
David Orbock (President IAPP)