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valens aquaduct by Mehmet Ozcan.

Planned site maintenance work

In order to perform overdue maintenance and upgrade work to the main IVRPA site, it will be put in a "read-only" state for a couple of days, starting monday october 26 around 9:00 CET. During this period, users will not be able to log in and/or post to the website, edit their profile, etc.

The IVRPA website, which was launched in juli 2006 is going to receive an upgrade of the content management system. Due to the way the site was set up three and a half years ago, this upgrade is rather complex. A large chunk of the content posted to the site over the last three years will need to be migrated in what is mostly a manual process.

While the biggest changes will be behind the scenes, making the site easier to maintain and more future-proof, there will be some immediate benefits to the members of the IVRPA. For one, the main site will get the same Flash-based viewer for VRs that has been deployed on the Balloon Fiesta and Photokina subsites. Talking about VR content, it's also about time we did something about that limit to the number of gallery items a member can post. Most importantly though, the upgrade will eventually facilitate some of the features we've been wanting to implement for a while now. So we hope you'll agree that the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

Aldo Hoeben
- IVRPA webmaster

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Re: Planned site maintenance work

The migration process is underway. You can track migration progress in my blog.


Re: Planned site maintenance work

The grunt of the work has completed, and the site is back "online" (it was never offline, but in read-only mode). Feel free to roam about. The migration-work is not yet fully done, so if/when you find anything out of the ordinary, don't hessitate to ask here or in the website feedback forum.