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Le Tres Moulins - Faugeres, Languedoc-Roussillon by 360PLUS.

IVRPA Members Newsletter - November 2009

Dear IVRPA members,

In this newsletter we want to inform you about 4 topics:

  1. Conclusion of the IAPP-IVRPA joint meeting in Albuquerque, USA.
  2. Looking back at 2009 progress.
  3. 2010 IVRPA Events.
  4. Elections for the 2010 Board of Directors.

1) IAPP-IVRPA joint meeting in Albuquerque, USA

The joint meeting of the IAPP (International Association of Panoramic Photographers) and the IVRPA (International VR Photography Association) took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA from October 7th to 11th, 2009. It was the first time that both organisations had met together in a single event.

Without a doubt, the conference was a huge success. We had many great talks on various panoramic photography topics, many balloons to take pictures of at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and a great exchange of ideas. We plan to continue our collaboration with IAPP and to organize more events together in the future.

You can find some impressions of the meeting on our website at

2) Looking back at the progress in 2009

2009 was a year of transition. As we mentioned in our newsletter earlier this year, our goals were to improve the organisational workflows, to run the IVRPA in a more professional manner, and last but not least to increase the membership values for our members.

Needless to say, these goals cover more than a single term of a board. But we have already realized a significant part of these goals. For example we have:

  • Developed an automated system for membership renewal and Paypal payments.
  • Started working together with other associations such as the IAPP.
  • Improved our sponsorship base.
  • Moved our web provision from Bluehost to Dreamhost.
  • Removed restrictions for image uploads to our website, so members have no upload limits.
  • Improved communication and structure for our regular BOD meetings, now using a combination of online Video, Voice and IM.

... there are still items we are currently working on until the end of this year, including:

  • Closer cooperation with sponsors offering special deals for members.
  • Website upgrade to a newer version of Drupal (our content management system).
  • Review and amend the IVRPA bylaws to match our current requirements.
  • Review and evaluate alternative membership categories.
  • Introduce a membership card for our members.
  • Improve transparency of BOD workings for membership viewing.
  • Upload minutes of BOD meetings to the members website.

As we want to continue working on what we have started this year, all members of the current Board of Directors will run again for re-election.

3) IVRPA Events for 2010

We are presently working on the early stages of another conference in league with the IAPP. The likely location is Tucson Arizona, USA in the first half of 2010. [Google Map: ] More information will be forthcoming as soon as we finalise the details.

Additionally we will be working towards an IVRPA presence at Photokina as we had last year. The main difference to last year will be a new focus on IVRPA membership, where we hope to provide something of a mini conference to members, without excluding the public. Planning for this event will begin in earnest with the new BOD early in 2010.

4) Elections for the 2010 Board of Directors

Elections for the 2010 Board of Directors will be coming up very soon. We're in the process of amending our Bylaws to authorize meetings and elections to be held on-line. As soon as that process is complete we'll be in contact with the details of this years election process.

Thank you for your continued support this year, and we look forward to bigger and better things in 2010.

the current IVRPA board of directors,

Donald G. Bain
Carlos Chegado
Willy Kaemena
J├╝rgen Schrader
Aaron Spence
Matthias Taugwalder
Jan van der Woning