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Fort "Alexander I", Kronstadt, Gulf of Finland by Andrew Varlamov.

Looking Back at 2009 and Where We Are Heading in 2010

A personal statement by Jan van der Woning, IVRPA President

So at the end of the year it is good to look back at the achievements accomplished and what still needs to be done in the next year. This Board of Directors (BoD) had given itself a mission to professionalize the IVRPA. Therefore a few tasks had to be done. One of them was to amend the Bylaws, as it was not able for the association to live according to them. This was finalized in November and they can be found on the website. (

We want to improve the communication between the members and the BoD. We published a few newsletters this year ( and and we held member meetings online and at the Albuquerque conference. We also started to publish all important papers and other information about the association on the website, ( including the minutes of the meetings of the BoD. ( We are not satisfied yet, and are still working on further improvements.

We also wanted to organise an event/conference this year, as we hope to do every year. We had one in Albuquerque in conjunction with the International Panoramic Photography Association (IAPP). ( It was a successful joint venture and we will be working together more often. But at the present time we are not considering a real merger.

To get more disk space, a more stable environment, and better performance for our website ( we changed to a new provider, Mosso, but soon moved again to Dreamhost, as Mosso did not work for us after all. This cost a lot of time for our former BoD member and now our official Webmaster Aldo Hoeben. After the successful move we needed an upgrade to a newer 5.1 version of the Drupal software we are using for our website. Aldo also replaced the QTVR viewer with a flash based viewer that is working well.

The IVRPA also agreed to be the “home” of VR related open-source software and to be the host for Aldo’s flash based QTVR player CuTy and we hope others will follow.

Still some issues with the website have yet to be resolved, but one of the advantages is now that all restrictions on the number of panoramas a member can publish are lifted. So feel free to upload your pictures.

This year the BoD started with a legacy of the past. To maintain our tax-exempt status we have had to catch up on financial and administrative business and file reports. There was a big backlog and we are in the process of finalizing it and will soon have the books up to date.

BoD meetings.

We started to have one meeting a month then went to twice a month and from July, we had a BoD meeting almost every week. For one hour maximum. The last 2 months we went from AIM to Skype for the voice and used Meabeam for the video. The meeting quality and speed improved a lot when you can speak and look at each other, instead of typing only. It is a real virtual meeting.

Where are we heading.

We want to institute special membership advantages for professional members, with extra privileges but we also ask more involvement of these members. The goal will be that the IVRPA is seen as the place where clients for panoramic work will go to find a qualified panoramic VR photographer.

Photokina or Conference in Europe

We will try to get a booth at the Photokina photography trade show next year. The circumstances have changed and we will have to apply for free booth space. If Photokina will not give us a booth, we will try to organise a conference in the south of the Netherlands, at the same time as Photokina so members can visit both.

Conference in United States

After the successful joint meeting together with IAPP in Albuquerque this year, we are planning to have another conference next year. It will be held in Tucson, Arizona, April 2010. An announcement will be made the first week of January.

We have resolved to try to have one conference/event every year, in Europe and North America.


We are planning two exhibitions that are still unsure due to different factors. One will be in the Panorama Mesdag Museum in the Netherlands, and another one possibly in Genoa. We ask our members to look around in their own neighbourhood if they know of a location where we can show our panoramas.
Competition, prices and a book
To have new panoramas for exhibitions and Photokina we are planning to have a competition with different categories, prices and a book with the winners and runners up to be published.


We will start in the next year at the end of January to have members chats, to improve the communication between members and the BoD. We would also like to have a newsletter on a regular basis to keep you updated so you know what the BoD is doing and trying to achieve. We would also like to involve more members in tasks regarding the association.

We wish you a happy VR New Year!

Jan van der Woning, President IVRPA

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Re: Looking Back at 2009 and Where We Are Heading in 2010

Thank you for the information, happy new year and best wishes...

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