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IVRPA 11th Anniversary

Today the IVRPA turns 11, still young, so much to do, so many dreams to make real!

The IVRPA was founded originally as the IQTVRA, the International QuickTimeVR Association. The association was incorporated in the state of California on December 7th, 1998. In December 2004, the association changed their name to IVRPA to reflect our broadening technological field of immersive interactive imaging.

Though still very young, we are more than ever committed to promote and support the uses of image based VR and related technologies worldwide through education.

This year we have matured as an association and have restructured our way of work internally and prepared ourselves to have a full year dedicated to bring value to the members, let's cheer to that.

We thank all those volunteers who donated his spare time to bring the association from 1998 to this day still alive, we owe you!

Don't forget to celebrate this achievement.

The current IVRPA board of directors,

Donald G. Bain
Carlos Chegado
Willy Kaemena
J├╝rgen Schrader
Aaron Spence
Matthias Taugwalder
Jan van der Woning

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Re: IVRPA 11th Anniversary

Happy birthday to us
happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday to us


Re: IVRPA 11th Anniversary

Heep heep huray (repeat 3x)