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Abbruch einer Kleingartenanlage,Tübingen by Ulrich Metz.

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Before you can become of member of the IVRPA, please create an account for this website and/or log in. After you log in to the site, please revisit this page. It will include further instructions on how to make a payment for your membership.

The IVRPA has several types of membership, listed in the table below:

Member type Description Annual Fee
Professional Membership For photographers, designers and media producers offering commercial VR services. $50
Associate Membership For beginners, educators and students $25
Sponsor Membership For companies that support VR technology with software, hardware, and other commercial solutions. $300

After receiving your payment (either online or by mail), your membership will normally be activated within 48 hours.

IVRPA memberships are valid for one full year from the day the membership is processed. If you renew before your membership expires, the extra period will carry over to the next year.

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