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Mettelhorn near Zermatt/Switzerland, 3406m (11175ft) by Matthias Taugwalder.

Milko Amorth RIP

As some of you already might have seen on the different panoramic mailing lists, we were informed this morning that our member and friend Milko Amorth passed away.
Milko was one of the pioneers of VR - back in the beginning when all started. He was also a member of IVRPA as well, we met back at Photokina 2004 and at our IVRPA conference 2007 in Berkeley.

We will miss him.

Matthias Taugwalder
President of IVRPA


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Re: Milko Amorth RIP

It's a sad day indeed...

I miss him already...

Carlos Chegado

IVRPA Director


Re: Milko Amorth RIP

Does someone knows what happened and when exactly he died ?


"It's not WHAT you shoot. It's the WAY you shoot."


Re: Milko Amorth RIP

When I read back the mails I exchanged with him he is is still alive although I realise, he is not.
When I look at the images made of him and by him I realise he will live on in the VR world.
Thank you for having met you, goodbye Milko

J@N van der Woning, IVRPA director