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Fort "Alexander I", Kronstadt, Gulf of Finland by Andrew Varlamov.

The IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest – 2010

The IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest – 2010

The International VR Photography Association (IVRPA) is pleased to announce
a photographic competition and exhibit in conjunction with Photokina 2010.
The contest will recognize and exhibit outstanding examples of the art and
science of panoramic photography.

Photokina is the largest photography-related conference and exhibition in the
world, held in Cologne, Germany, September 21st to 26th. The IVRPA has been honored
with the grant of a free booth at this year’s fair to showcase VR panoramic

A selection of entries from the contest will be displayed in the IVRPA booth to
a broad international audience of professional photographers and other people with a
professional background and a strong interest in the imaging industry.

In addition to the recognition given to leading VR professionals this exhibit will educate the
public about the field of VR panoramic photography and its potential.

There will be four categories of panoramic imagery solicited for the contest.
Panoramic Prints, Gigapixel Panoramas, VR Panoramas, Interactive Computer Graphics
Featuring VR Panoramas.

Judging of entries will be by a panel of leading professionals from the
panoramic and general photographic community. Entries will be judged on
both their artistic and technical merits, as well as their suitability to represent
the work of members of the IVRPA and the field of VR photography.

Winners will be selected for each category, plus an overall grand prize winner, and special
prizes and honorable mentions at the discretion of the judges.

A handsome printed book of selected panoramas from Photokina 2010, including contest
winners, will be compiled and available for online purchase.

Category One: Panoramic Prints
Entries in this category must be panoramic in nature (at least 120° horizontal field of view) but
may be of any projection and final shape (traditional panoramic, equirectangular, square,
circular, or others). A jpeg image of limited size will be submitted for judging. The winners
must provide a high resolution file for final printing. Mounted prints will be displayed in the
IVRPA booth at Photokina and possibly other locations in the future, and on the association

Category Two: Gigapixel Panoramas
Entries in this category must also be panoramic in nature, and consist of at least a billion pixels
(more information about this on the website). A limited number of gigapixel images will be
printed and hung in turn at or near the IVRPA booth, and displayed interactively on large LCD
monitors and digital projectors. For judging both a low resolution version of the entire
panorama, and two or more full-resolution samples of small interesting sections of the
panorama should be submitted. Winners must provide both a gigapixel size file for printing and
a zoomable interactive version.

Category Three: VR Panoramas
Entries in this category will typically be 360° by 180° spherical panoramas intended for
computer-screen display (cylindrical panoramas also accepted).
They should be single node without elaborate skins or multi-media features (note the category
below). Winners will be displayed at the IVRPA booth with large LCD displays and/or digital

Category Four: Interactive Computer Graphics Featuring VR Panoramas
Entries in this category will be intended for computer-screen display. They may consist of
multiple nodes, navigation technologies, supporting graphics such as maps and floorplans, and
They can be in any player technology that works cross-platform on current computers (Mac
OS-X, Windows 7) or handheld devices (iOS or Android). Entries can be submitted for judging
either as a standalone application/directory, or as a link to a working copy on a website.
Winners will be displayed at the IVRPA booth using digital projectors, as well (potentially) as
phones and tablets.

To Enter the Contest
You must be a current member of the IVRPA to enter –
Each member is allowed up to two entries in each of the panoramic and interactive categories,
and one in the gigapixel category.

Photography entered in this contest should be new work, shot in 2009 or 2010, and not
previously entered in a contest or widely exhibited.

To ensure full anonymity during judging no logos, copyrights, names, dates, or text shall
appear on the image or tripod cap or in the file’s metadata. (There may be exceptions to this
rule for commercial work in the interactive category).

You must certify that you (as an individual or company) are the creator and copyright holder of
the work submitted.

Copyright of all entries will be retained by the original creators, with rights granted to the
IVRPA for display at Photokina and similar events and on the IVRPA website. Final works will be
displayed only with full attribution of authorship and notice of copyright.

Stay tuned
By the end of July we will open a website where you can upload your contest entries. It will
include full technical details, the names of the judges and, of course, the prizes. Entries will be
closed on August 31st.

On behalf of the board of directors
Jürgen Schrader