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Park the Car in Harvard Yard by Michael Quan.


Forgetful about settings

I spent the past couple of days in the Kansai area and two days shooting panoramas for fun in one part of Kyoto. It wasn't until the second panorama that I realized I had left the ISO at 800, which has resulted in much noise in the apex shot.

When around firearms, I am always careful to check everything beforehand. Perhaps I just need a camera that shoots in the firearm sense so I will be more careful in future.

Hello to all Pano Photographers

Hi To all of you and greeting from Ireland.
I'm happy I could join you community. Hope to learn a lot and share even more. I look forward to talk and listen to the critiques of my work ;) (only the reasonable ones..of course:-)
I'm just sorry I will miss Tuscon Conference> maybe next time I will have more luck...
Have a great day!

Computational Photography conference @MIT

The 2010 International Conference on Computational Photography
is at MIT, March 28-30, 2010. Anyone attending? I will be there.

A brand new day

After about four and a quarter years of spending a sizeable chunk for my spare (and not so spare) time as a hobby, it is time for a break. I started working on the IVRPA website as a hobby, and over the past year and a half most of the fun of doing it eroded away. A recent chain of events has convinced me it is better to step down as (sole) webmaster now than to stay and become (even more) bitter. Just thought you should know...

Thanks for all the fish.

Hello Guys !!!

I'm so happy to stay here in this Web Site Photographers Community !!!

Website todo list

As I mentioned in my previous post, there's an extensive todo list for the ivrpa site ecosystem. Listed below is

remaining issues since Drupal 5 migration

  • notifications: reformat notification messages (remove "greetings [user],")
  • Googlemaps are not showing in gallery posts.
  • Search results when searching profiles don't look right.
  • Fix googlemap "overlay" (balloon) content on Find a Member page.
  • Move google map in user/me/edit to seperate page (user/me/edit/location).

This website needs help. Your help?

This december, it will have been 5 years since I created the first user for this site. Since then, there's always been a notion of a webteam. Though the webteam has from time to time been contributing to parts of the contents of the site, I don't think I am being unfair to any of the current and past webteam members if I say that I have been the sole contributor to the actual working of the site.

A first video preview of Paris 26 Gigapixels project

Here is a foretaste of the Paris 26 Gigapixels image. Feel free to spread the info :)


Bonne Année ! / Happy New year ! / Feliz Año Nuevo !

Panosalado Sound Experiment

Here's my first humble experiment with Panosalado and Spin Control that includes sound.
This is an old panorama From 2007(I've gotten better, so be gentle).I decided to add sound to it from a recording I did in 2009 with my little MinoHD video cam. I'll try to shoot these lovely folks again next year at the annual Balls Falls Fall Festival in Ontario, Canada.
If you haven't tried Panosalado and Spin Control, check it out here...