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Brazilian Day Festival, NYC - September 4, 2005 by Jook Leung.


Stereographic Slide Show

Here are some Stereographic Projections from half way around the world, from Milan to Vancouver, via New Jersey!

Happy birthday to the site

I just noticed that I missed the sites inception anniversary by a week. I started working on this incarnation of the IVRPA site *just* over 5 years ago...

Virtual tour to the Casa Milà (La Pedrera) by Antoni Gaudí, in Barcelona

Nine scenes at Casa Milà, "La Pedrera", by Antoni Gaudí, in Barcelona. An outside view, and a tour inside the apartment, the courtyards, the attic and the roof:

Virtual tour Casa Milà (Barcelona)

On this tour we released a new interface and menu thumbnails. It is currently used to display our work to customers.

Crossroads - A World Wide Panorama

This years theme for the Autumnal Equinox is "Crossroads".

Click here to see the entry
Crossroad at Microsoft

Once the north-west corner of the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA, this crossroad is now in the middle
of a large complex of buildings of the Microsoft corp.

Photokina 2010: Kolor annouces new version of Autopano and new virtual tour software Panotour

Kolor announced during the Photokina fair in Cologne the approaching release of the new version 2.5 of the image-stitching software applications Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga, along with the new virtual tour applications Panotour and Panotour Pro.

The demos we made on our stand impressed the visitors, so feel free to check what's new in our software and try the beta versions!

More info on this page:

Kolor team

Winner "Best of Show" of the IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest 2010

Winner "Best of Show" of the IVRPA Annual Panoramic Photography Contest 2010 with the visit in 360HD Virtual Reality of the Hotel du Palais, in Biarritz, France.

Canon has their eye on panoramas too...

This piece of news stunned me today, not because of the stunning technical developments of Canon but actually because they care to mention Panoramas in it!

Scroll down to the part about Ultra Hight-Resolution Panorama Camera to see what I mean...

Another nice touch are the large circular displays and the notice that 4K video is on his way to the consumers hands.

That will definitely make 360º video look great!

Seems the future is bright after all...

IVRPA Conferences VS Panotools Meetings

There was a thread in the Panotools-Meeting mail list discussing the differences between IVRPA Conferences and Panotools Meetings and I decided to write a post stating my point of view.

PS: I would like to make clear before proceeding that I don't defend the merge of the two events, they should continue independent and I appreciate both the Panotools Meetings and the IVRPA Conferences.

Let's see how they stand, IVRPA conferences vs Panotools meetings (according to my personal point of view and I attended both events already as you know):

1) Who runs it?

Volunteers in both cases.

Looking back to the first half of the year 2010

Today I decided to look back at the first half of the IVRPA year and see if I was achieving my goals as an IVRPA Director or not.

This was my candidate statement:

Internal organizational issues:

  • Keep the weekly BoD meetings by video-conference during 2010.
  • Setup a collaboration system to organize tasks between BoD members and volunteers.
  • Replace the non-functional committees by delegating tasks to volunteers managed with the collaboration system.