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Hayden Planetarium :: New York City by Sam Rohn.


Drupal contributions

As much as I like Drupal, ofcourse it would be all too easy if it did all that we needed for the IVRPA website out of the box. Fortunately, (a) it is open source, and (b) there's a very active community developing additional functionality for Drupal.

Ever since I have started using Drupal on the SPi-V developers website, I have been making small alterations here and there, untill I finally got some of my code in the core of Drupal. For the IVRPA website, I have been actively contributing to the following projects:

Memoires of a site admin

The IVRPA website is a community site. That's why we, the IVRPA Board of Directors and webteam, chose Drupal as a backend for the new website. Drupal is used a lot for blog(-like) websites, but it can do much more than just host a (series of) blog(s). It's really optimally suited for community sites such as ours; The tagline of the Drupal project is 'community plumbing'. Even so, in hoping it will keep the site alive, we're offering IVRPA members the opportunity to host a blog or journal on this site (as well as aggregating current blogs).

The case of the stolen image

Many photographers will experience the indignity of seeing one of their favorite images used without permission on a third-party web site.

If stealing images is as easy as right-clicking a mouse, this is almost inevitable. This scenario leads into a discussion of copyright law and protecting your images on the web. Simple things like putting a copyright notice on your image "(c) 2006

Michael Quan"; rendering the images in minimal web resolution (72DPI), and REGISTERING the copyright of your favorite images.

I am not a lawyer, but I have a good friend who is a copyright lawyer in the USA, who has recovered $$$ when big companies have lifted/borrowed/appropriated/stolen/accidentially used one of my best images. Lots to discuss here, but photographers must protect their work, because it WILL get stolen.

Don't bet against technology, put your gear on ebay.

I got a chance to play with a Nikon D200 the other day; impressive gear and nice 10megs of photographic punch. Oddly, I am a member of Nikon Professional Services, but not Canon Professional Services. Either way they both got lots of my money.

Isn't blogging fun....?

World Wide Panorama - Best of 2005

To celebrate the New Year 2006, over 300 VR photographers from around the world have contributed their "best of 2005". This is the latest edition of the World Wide Panorama, an event that is now two years old, and has had 600 participants. The site features over 1700 VR panoramas.

Best of 2005 showcases scenes from 52 countries. The panoramas are listed by photographers' name, and countries and regions of the world. There are also world and regional maps with clickable dots, and references from each panorama to MultiMap and Google Maps. Information about connecting WWP and Google Earth will be available soon.