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Seebrücke im Ostseebad Wustrow by Ulrich Metz.


Virtual Tour Photographer

VRteam has just re-launched an informative website about virtual tour photographers and what they do specifically for hotels and resorts. The website is located at

Hotel Photographers

VRteam recently launched a new informative website for hoteliers to get more information about hotel photographers. The website is located at

Hotel Photography, Virtual Tours, Videos, and Media Distribution

VRteam now offers hotel photography, virtual tours, video production, and hotel media distribution to properties located throughout the United States. For more information about the services VRteam offers, please visit

The 100 Years of Machu Picchu - Virtual Tour 2011

The eyes of the world will once again be placed on Peru and on one of the new wonders of the world: Machu Picchu. Panoramas del Peru present the Virtual Tour of Machu Picchu por IVRPA.

John Sanchez

The IVRPA and the "Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography" exhibit Palmela, Portugal.

Earlier in the year I was invited to be part of the IVRPA exhibit "Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography" in Palmela. Well the exhibit opened and loads of fantastic panoramas were on display to the public. As all of my panoramas were shot locally I decided to approach my local newspaper with the story. Well they have now published a short piece on me and my panoramas and I managed to get a mention of the IVRPA into it too. You can read the piece on their website here;

Bob Bilsland.

Panoramania has started !!


KrPano users can now get €100 off on Panotour Pro virtual tour software

As announced during Palmela 2011 festival, Kolor now offers the possibility for existing KrPano users not to pay a KrPano license a second time when they buy virtual tour software Panotour Pro (which includes a KrPano license).

The rebate is 100 euros, which puts the Panotour Pro licence at 199 euros instead of 299 euros.

You need to have a KrPano license + the iPhone/iPad plugin for KrPano.

The procedure is detailed on this blog post:

Time for a well overdue website refresh

After paying very little attention to for quite a while, and as I had been kindly asked to contribute to the "Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography" exhibit in Palmela, I decided that it was about time to refresh my website. Shooting photos and stitching them into panoramas was one thing, but getting round to updating my website was another. My gallery contains all my work that is displayed as part of the exhibit, in both static projection and interactive form.

Bob Bilsland.

Greeting you :). A GREETster for girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen.

For VR-ladies:
For VR-guys:

With this "3-D card" you can on any occasion greet a guy or a girl, a woman or a gentleman, a grandma or a grandpa.

Make your friends happy! :)

Michael B. Skiba