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Qatar Airways Business Class by Bob Masters.


Kolor launches Autopano Video 1.0 (video-stitching software)

Kolor launched on August 1 the first version of Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro, video-stitching software for Windows and Mac (Linux version coming soon).
Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro let you create 360 videos automatically by assembling several video streams together.

Vote for the Kolor Panobook 2013 cover panorama!

VOTE for your favorite panoramic photo to be printed on the Kolor Panobook 2013 cover! Kolor Panobook is the world's biggest panoramic photography contest leading to the publication of a book.


Kolor launches Kolor Eyes Desktop: free 360° video player for Windows, Mac & Linux

Watch your 360 degree videos easily and for free thanks to Kolor Eyes Desktop!
Kolor Eyes Desktop is a free 360 degree video player for Windows, Mac and Linux (Linux version coming soon).

The Tower Panorama

Unlike a classic 360°x180° panorama, a tower panorama is not taken from a single center point.
Imagine yourself on a tower with a viewing platform. You can walk around, but usually you cannot position yourself in the center.

The way to create a 360° tower panorama is to take multiple segments from each side. Using a fisheye to cover the entire side is not an advantage here. Taking multiple segments is better to allow for more correction of the parallax error.

Kolor 360° video solutions | 2nd solution: Autopano Video, the new 360° video stitcher by Kolor (version 1.0 beta 1)

The team of Kolor is proud to release a first beta version of Autopano Video, the new 360° video stitching software!

360Heros – 360Video and 360 Photos in one click. (We don’t just sell you the gear, we want to teach you as well)

Watch how simple it is to Plug-n-Play™ your GoPro Cameras into the 360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder. This high strength flexible nylon will change the way camera gear is used today. You can twist it, bend it and secure it. It just simply works! (

Panoweaver 8.50, a progressive step of Easypano image stitching software

Hi, IVRPA friends:

A free updated version of panorama software Panoweaver8, Panoweaver8.50, begins to serve Easypano users. New features in this edition would make you feel the software more user-friendly.

The Image Stitching Software Panoweaver 8.50 Updated features: