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Bermuda, Amistad departing via Gates Fort, 2005 by LookBermuda.

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See you in Las Vegas

Some personal information about the conference in Las Vegas. I have been there more than twenty times (on business, I don't gamble), and have even stayed in the Tropicana (pre-renovation). I wonder if they still number the floors 1-12 then 24 and up, to make the upper floors seem higher, and of course to avoid unlucky 13?

I just booked my hotel room. Easy to do on-line, just be aware that their calendars show Monday as the first day of the week, not Sunday.

My Recent Interesting Experience

On Sunday, Juy 2, I was rushed to hospital with a sudden life threatening medical problem. It was all over in 48 hours and I am home now, feeling fine.

Kat and Landis came to visit me in the hospital and Landis made a VR panorama of the scene. Notice how happy he and Kat look.

It was interesting to see where my mind went under the influence of medication and stress. I posted this account to the World Wide Panorama list on Wednesday, July 5.
Thanks to everyone who has written to wish me well. I really am just about back to normal already after my wild weekend.

World Wide Panorama - Best of 2005

To celebrate the New Year 2006, over 300 VR photographers from around the world have contributed their "best of 2005". This is the latest edition of the World Wide Panorama, an event that is now two years old, and has had 600 participants. The site features over 1700 VR panoramas.

Best of 2005 showcases scenes from 52 countries. The panoramas are listed by photographers' name, and countries and regions of the world. There are also world and regional maps with clickable dots, and references from each panorama to MultiMap and Google Maps. Information about connecting WWP and Google Earth will be available soon.