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Morgan Library :: New York City by Sam Rohn.

Tags for Virtual tour software: Panotour & Panotour Pro 2.0 are officially released

Virtual tour software: Panotour & Panotour Pro 2.0 are officially released

Kolor has just released the final version of Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 virtual tour software.
Discover Panotour Pro 2.0 and watch the presentation video
Discover the Livepano optional module for Panotour Pro 2.0

We designed this new version of Panotour following 3 principles:
- the quality of the tours created
- the ease of use of the software
- and the possibility to visualize tours on smartphones, tablets and computers

With Panotour Pro 2, customize your virtual tours to the extreme: link the different views from the ones to the others, integrate menus and navigation thumbnails, embed videos into screens, add music or audio speeches, display maps or floor plans, enable sharing on social networks: many ways to make your virtual tours beautiful and unique, that make you want to be shared.
Panotour Pro 2 offers a large choice of graphical themes. You can also use your own graphical themes and your navigation templates, fonts and transitions.
Sustain your tours through the Livepano optional plugin: a guide in a museum, a restaurateur showing his establishment, a waterfall or even a simple fire in a fireplace. Panotour Pro 2 automatically merges the video to your photographic content.

Endowed of a new interface, Panotour Pro 2 offers an immediate and intuitive grip.
Create your tours in a few clicks: import your panoramas, organize them by groups, add links, animations and customized elements. Export and publish your tours on the web.
Gain time! Define project presets to enhance the creation of your next virtual tours.

With Panotour Pro 2, your virtual tours are accessible on all modern devices: computers, tablets and smartphones. On most of the mobile devices, the use of the gyroscope brings an even more immersive navigation experience.