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P&O Cruises 'Azura' Planet Bar by David Woodward.

ACMB Website Showcases Advanced Photographic Services for New York Businesses and Schools

The newly redesigned ACMB website shows owners and managers of restaurants & bars, and the hospitality & real-estate industries, how to establish a commanding Internet presence that differentiates them from competitors, brings customers right to their door, and actively builds business. The same powerful photographic tools enable schools and universities to showcase their faculty, campus and student activities.

Many businesses already have an Internet home page and most potential clients turn to the Internet to find what they want. But noise levels are high and attention spans short, so getting attention requires a powerfully attractive visual presence. And it needs to work on anything they might use for access, from smart phones (Apple and Android) through pads and tablets to desktops. Professional photography and Internet knowhow are both essential. At ACMB, these are combined with modern design sense in carefully optimized web pages that make the best of “retina” displays where available, while access speeds are not slowed down by unnecessarily large files. That’s important, because visitors won’t come if they can’t wait until the photographs download!

The newly redesigned ACMB website (New York City Professional Photography Services, showcases the skillful use of multiple exposures to capture beautifully detailed wall-to-wall panoramas. Even a single panorama can form a virtual “tour.” Visitors can easily pan around, peer into corners, zoom into details, and really feel the ambience. And panoramas of different parts of the layout can be linked together and combined with a set of standard photographs (for example items of equipment in a recording studio or individual dishes in a restaurant). Mouth-watering photographs of menu items can also motivate visitors. ACMB sites are equally accessible from all devices. And brilliantly lit design studios and romantically lit restaurants can be equally freed of glaring highlights and gloomy shadows.

ACMB was founded and incorporated in 2012 by two professional photographers whose initials form the company name. Between them, they have 20 years of experience in photography and ten years in graphic design. The on-site track record speaks for itself.

Fully accredited for Google Business Photos, the ACMB Google Trusted Photographer’s virtual tours will be visible on Google search results, Google Maps and Google+ Local Business Pages. The company can also be easily embedded in corporate websites. ACMB works with website hosting services and designers to ensure universal access. The familiar Google Streetview navigation is used to guide visitors through the layout. This means that before they ever put a foot inside the door they know the layout, decor, and the unique qualities of the business.
This is particularly important for those seeking real estate. They are much more likely to consider an actual investment when high quality images and a virtual tour have already familiarized them with the layout and décor. It can be decisive for impressionable young people looking for a school or university, helping them to visualize themselves on campus in a way that no brochure can do.