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University of Illinois Assembly Hall by Rob Gorham.

Welcome to the archive website

This website is a read only archive 2004 - 2014, visit the new International VR Photography Association website at

The IVRPA is an international association of professionals who create and produce interactive, immersive images.

This website showcases both our members and vr photography community enthusiasts, and serves as a central place for news and communication for the vr industry. Members and vr enthusiast are encouraged to create an account and/or sign in and participate on the website.

Latest news:

Join us in Selfoss, Iceland for the Iceland 2013 International Panoramic Photography Conference

Iceland 2013 - The International Panoramic Photography Conference

This summer, Selfoss, Iceland, will be the world capital of panoramic photography, it's is going to be an epic event!

Iceland 2013 Early Bird Registrations OPEN

On behalf of the IVRPA Board of Directors, I am proud to let you know that Iceland 2013 - The International Panoramic Photography Conference is now open for early bird registrations (Update Feb. 23: all early bird registrations are gone, still some regular full conference tickets available).

Kolor Panobook 2013 Jury announced: Thomas Bredenfeld, Nicolas Mériau and Henry Stuart

The team of Kolor is honored to welcome Thomas Bredenfeld, Nicolas Mériau and Henry Stuart as the jury members of the Kolor Panobook 2013 panoramic photography contest. Many thanks to them for having accepted to join the project.

Perfectly square

How to make a rectangular object perfectly square using the panotools:

In this example the frame is straight, but somehow the photo looks distorted.

Panotools Projections

The most common Panotools projections are Equirectangular to make interactive 360x180 panoramas and Rectilinear to fix distortions of photos. But what about the others?
With a small Field of View (FoV) the difference isn't that obvious, but with a large Field of View things change quite a bit.

Imagine yourself standing in front of a large object and try to take a photo. Using a wide angle lens will get you visible distortions once you go above 50 degrees (100 degrees FoV) because of the Rectilinear projection.
Here is where the other projections come into place to map large Field of View objects to a print.

This is an example of an extreme Field of View, standing right in front a Ferris wheel taking several pictures using a 24mm lens:

Results from the Board of Directors 2013 Election

Willy Kaemena - 79% (91 votes)
Jürgen Schrader - 66% (76 votes)
Ignacio Ferrando - 63% (73 votes)
Joergen Geerds - 59% (68 votes)
Fung Yu 55% - (63 votes)
Jan van der Woning - 50% (57 votes)

Congratulations to Willy Kaemena, Jürgen Schrader, Ignacio Ferrando Margelí and Joergen Geerds on your election to the IVRPA Board of Directors.
Special thanks to Fung Yu and Jan van der Woning for you candidacies.

Thanks to all IVRPA members who voted in this election.

On behalf of the IVRPA Board of Directors

Carlos Chegado

President > The International VR Photography Association

Autopano 3.0 image-stitching software is released

Kolor has just released Autopano 3.0 image-stitching software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Watch the video:

Version 3.0 integrates impressive new features that will definitely make you adopt Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga:

- Choose between 9 projection modes the one that best suits your image, including Little-Planet, Panini, Hammer, Mirror Ball, Orthographic and more.

Aftermath of SuperStorm Sandy

We live close to the Jersey Shore which suffered the full force of SuperStorm Sandy. While we were lucky enough to be 140 feet above sea level during the storm, the full force of the tidal surge wrecked havoc all along the shore line.

Since then I have begun documenting the impact and gradual recovery using Gigapan Panoramas and 360 VRs. These panoramas will show the damage and subsequent restoration of places and facilities that are apart of the Jersey Shore. This growing gallery can be viewed at

The IVRPA turns 14 years old today!

Yeah, you read that right, the IVRPA turns 14 years old today :-)

14 years may sound like a youngster age to you, but in Internet times we're a dinosaur already!
It really amazes me how long this volunteer run organization survived and how it keeps getting stronger and stronger all the time.
This year we have seen a 25% increase in membership numbers and this is a testimony to the good work put up by many volunteers over these 14 years of existence.