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Autumn in Queenswood Country Park by Robert Bilsland.

Welcome to the archive website

This website is a read only archive 2004 - 2014, visit the new International VR Photography Association website at

The IVRPA is an international association of professionals who create and produce interactive, immersive images.

This website showcases both our members and vr photography community enthusiasts, and serves as a central place for news and communication for the vr industry. Members and vr enthusiast are encouraged to create an account and/or sign in and participate on the website.

Latest news:

European meeting in Nürnberg, Germany, December 1-3

In an effort to follow up on our success at the Photokina photo imaging trade show last month, IVRPA is pleased to announce that a follow up meeting and VR photography weekend featuring Hans Nyberg (, Matthias Taugwalder (VR photographer and Alpine climber), and Aldo Hoeben (IVRPA webmaster and SPi-V creator), will be held 1-3 December 2006 in Nuernberg, Germany.

The cost for the meeting is 39 Euros for current IVRPA members and 89 Euros for non-members (includes one year
membership in IVRPA).

Photokina 2006 panorama project success

The Photokina 2006 panorama blog has thusfar gathered 51 fullscreen panoramas of the 7 days of Photokina. We expect the number to grow during the following days as some of us stitch some of the remaining images. The project was highlighted by Rob Galbraith, the lomography blog, and, as well as a number of camera enthusiast forums. As a result of many sites linking to us, and because of the search engine friendliness of Drupal, as of the time of writing we're on the second page of results Googling for 'Photokina 2006'. Not bad at all.

Photokina 2006 --

Panoramic imaging is more

A few intrepid IVRPA members, Aldo Hoeben, Hans Nyberg, and Mike Quan have established the IVRPA "camp" at Photokina. Photokina is a massive event, spread over several buildings, with exhibitors from all over the world. With the "collision" of computers and digital imaging accelerating, companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Nokia are here.

The first event we covered was the Apple presentation of Aperture 1.5. And we'll be posting those images as soon as possible. Check back often for the latest images!

Stay inside the loop over at

Join us for the 11th World Wide Panorama Event

Please join us for the 11th World Wide Panorama event, Transportation. With almost 700 participants and over 2000 contributions, the WWP continues to grow as a non-commercial, community showcase where we can all participate and share our love of VR Photography with each other and the world.

Open photography for Transportation is 20-24 September 2006 (midnight to midnight, your local time). Full information about the theme, how to contribute, and deadlines is available at:

October 5, 2006 meeting of Bay Area Panographers

The date for the next California Bay Area get-together is Thursday, October 5 2006 at 7 PM. John Greenleigh has again offered to host the meeting at Flipside Studios in Berkeley . Thanks in advance John! (directions)

Presentations in October will include:
* Kevin O'Connor is one of the country's leading experts on digital workflow and color-management, and will let us know some of the best ways to make color behave. His talk will be excellent for both film and digital shooters.

2nd Chat for IPIX Photographers, 12 September 2006

A second chat for IPIX photographers and those using IPIX images will be conducted on
12 SEPTEMBER 2006, (TUESDAY) at the following times: These times were set up
to accommodate European participants, but all IPIX photographers are invited.

15:00 UTC/GMT
4:00PM -- London
5:00 PM -- Paris
11:00AM -- New York City
8:00AM -- Los Angeles

Location: AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

One confirmed participant was UK reseller of IPIX products.

The transcript of our first chat is available on the IVRPA website:

Pano Group meeting in NYC on 9/9

A group NYC area panographers including myself, Jim Galvin, Andras
Frenyo and Mark Fink will be getting together on 9/9/06 in NYC to
share new tools and techniques.

Some of the topics we'll cover:

1. PTGui comes to the Mac.
2. Tutorial for former iPix users.
3. The demise of iPix, and what effect that will have on us, if any
5. Hands on demonstration of the new Pinnacle VR bracket
6. Hands on demonstration of the new 360Precision bracket, and
resulting smack-down grudge match between the two. 8^)
7. Hands on demonstration of a Canon 5D and a shadeless Nikon 10.5 lens for 3

IPIX Photographers After IPIX - Online Chat 3 September 2006

The IVRPA, International VR Photography Association, invites all photographers who are currently using
IPIX gear in their work (especially real estate photographers) as well as other photographers employing IPIX gear
to participate in an online chat Sunday, 3 September 2006.

With the closing of IPIX, many photographers are now wondering if they need to replace their IPIX equipment ,
how they can convert/preserve IPIX images, and whether suitable hardware/software options exist for their

Last Call for Photokina Print Exhibit images

IVRPA has extended the deadline for print submissions for our PHOTOKINA print exhibit to midnight, NYC time, 28 September 2006.

Photokina is the world's largest photo and digital imaging event. , and IVRPA will have a large display area there with some 40 prints. All IVRPA members are welcome to submit up to TWO images for submission to the print exhibit. Your images will be considered if you are a current IVRPA member. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your images displayed at Photokina, and shared with the worldwide photographic community.

Walking with AIDS
a 360° panoramic scrapbook from Mozambique

Designed for a general audience not at all aware of what qtvr is, and with the International AIDS conference in mind.
Going fullscreen was not required here (but you'll find them eventually), but rather I was looking for a simple & accessible canvas to tell a story, and convince an audience of the possibilities of QTVR.

Thoughts, opinions, rants, questions, your feedback is welcome